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Oakwood Harp Guitar

Oakwood Harp Guitar

After the first two albums I decided to try and get a purpose built guitar for the music I had in mind. After looking at various designs I saw an insane looking guitar in the American “Acoustic Guitar” magazine. I contacted the builder (William Eaton), he was asking an astronomical amount of money to build one, so I declined. I sent a photo of this guitar to several bulders in the UK. The only people who got back to me, and seemed interested in taking on the build were OAKWOOD INSTRUMENTS in Leeds.

The guitar was completed in 1999, and I’ve been learning to play it ever since. It has a tone, like no other guitar I’ve ever played, huge volume and the lovely sound of the sympathetic strings.

Oakwood Harp GuitarOakwood Harp GuitarOakwood Harp Guitar

The top is made from Sitka Spruce, the back and sides are made from Flamed Sycamore and the binding is made from Walnut. The tuners are banjo style tuners.

The chaps at Oakwood (Gordon and Martyn) are as nice as people come, and very helpful. After sales service has been sterling. This guitar was used on the album “Good Fortune”. There is not another one in the whole world.




Over the years I managed to amass quite a number of instruments – too many.
I tried a Beardsell guitar at a friend’s house and I was blown away. I decided that I must have one and sold most of my old instruments to finance this.

I ordered a guitar to my spec. from ALAN BEARDSELL in Canada. This guitar is fantastic sounding and looking. The side ports are truly wicked, and the bevelled armrest works really well.

I had one upgrade and that was to have and Adirondack Spruce top instead of the standard Sitka Spruce. The difference is very detectable. The back and sides are made from really nice Indian Rosewood.


This guitar can be hear on the album “Liquid Assets” by “The Ex-Wise Heads”


Framus Guitar

Framus Guitar

I used this guitar for over 90% of my first two recordings. Its a 1950s Framus archtop guitar and is not an expensive instrument; it is in fact made from plywood.

This guitar although cheap had a tone that I really liked, and when I used to play this guitar, it always seemed to speak to me in an Indian accent, and inspired me to play a certain way, very different to my normal way of playing.

I am very happy with the sound of this guitar on the first two albums and cannot bear to part with it, even though it has all but been eclipsed by my Oakwood Harp Guitar.







This bass was my dream bass when I first clapped eyes on it in a review in Guitarist magazine. I scrimped and saved and eventually got one. This is Alembics 20th Anniversary Model and only 200 were ever made.

It is an exceptional instrument. The build quality, tone, playability and attention to detail are all amazing. My choice of Alembic being prompted by the fact that I was a huge Stanley Clarke fan.


This bass was used on “Indo Funk” from the album “3 Monkeys




I bought this bass around 1990. It is a heavily customised Kramer bass that has been de-fretted, body re-shaped. pick ups changed and can be played either as a 4 or 5 string. I love unique instruments.

I have recently upgraded the bridge pick up and pre amp. It is currently fitted with a very old Bartolini Soapbar in the neck position, and a newly fitted Delano Humbucker for bridge duties.


I used this bass for 2 tracks on 3 Monkeys, and on the whole Skin Deep album by Boka Halat.


De Faoite Baritone Guitar

De Faoite Baritone Guitar

I had this guitar built for me by Dave White of De faoite guitars.

It is a baritone guitar and sounds simply fantastic, especially the overtones that sound like kind of angelic chorus around the main note. The top is made from some very heavily bear clawed European spruce and the back and sides are made from very, very rare Cuban mahogany.


The scale length is a monstrous 29 but because of the superbly player friendly neck profile it is really quite playable. I have it tuned from B  B most of the time but have recently found it sounds nice tuned Bb  Bb.

I have used this guitar on one track so far on a soon to be released album.


AJ Lucas Guitar

AJ Lucas Guitar

I saw a picture of this instrument in Guitarist magazine and fell in love immediately. It is a really nice sounding guitar and looks just fantastic.

The top is Sitka Spruce and the back and sides are made from Cherry wood.

I have not yet recorded with this guitar, but I will one day.