rajan_spolia_portrait1I was born 2oth April 1960 at 9am in Ludhiana, Punjab in India, and came to England with my parents in 1962. The first instrument I tried to learn was the violin when I was aged 7…..that stopped after a while.

Nothing happened then until I was 11 when I took up alto sax for about 3 years, then school took over and I stopped. When I was 13/14 years old I took up the bass and adored the instrument – a love affair that continues to this day. I also messed about on the guitar but never really practised seriously …unlike the bass…I was obsessed with the instrument and the people who played it. I also loved guitar solos.  I took up guitar seriously in my thirties and formally taught myself how to play.

There is no history of musicians in my family, no illustrious teachers going back generations…I am the first and I am entirely self-taught.

My ambition has always been to be the type of musician who can deeply move the listener in a very profound way…. just like all my favourite musicians have moved me. 

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