Raj Guitars…guitar set ups/custom wiring

I am now offering a guitar set up service for all types of acoustic/electric/bass guitars.

Your baby has probably given you great service for many years..but unfortunately , like everything else it will need maintenance so that it will play great for many more years.

If you have never had your guitar set up before, you have yet to discover the huge difference it makes to the way your guitar plays and FEELS.

Simple upgrades like:

a)   fitting a bone nut and saddle..this will help to improve the tone, volume and sustain of your guitar.

b) re-fretting your guitar..this will get rid of unwanted buzzes rattles and will give your guitar a new lease of life.

c) Frets can be levelled, polished and re-crowned for a great playing experience and an end to rough ‘scratchy’sounding notes..especially when bending.

d) There are many ways to improve the tonal palette of your electric too…

after- market pick ups/switches/components

custom mods..like the fitting of coil taps/phase switching/series-l switching…often without changing the appearance of your guitar.

I offer a very friendly and FULLY PROFESSIONAL service…with a smile and a cuppa.

I am located in the village of Eton Wick in Berkshire.

I also have some rare/vintage and collectable guitars for sale

Call/email  me to discuss your specific needs.

tel: 07861 329144

email: fretless@btopenworld.com

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