Rare/Vintage/Handmade/Collectors guitars for sale 2

RIEGER -KLOSS Czech made jumbo for sale/trade

Here is a fine example of a high end Czech made guitar made by Rieger-Kloss. dscf9045 The Czech republic has some very talented builders.

rosette dscf9048dscf9050

The guitar has some very nice detailing, a nice inlaid rosette, and  beautifully figured mahogany back sides.The photos fail miserably to capture their beauty.

The top is solid spruce, back/sides are solid mahogany. The guitar is jumbo sized, but its tone is not that of a boomy bass heavy jumbo, it has bass but also a nice top end sparkle.

Asking price is £750

If you have an interesting guitar,,I am open to trades.



I bought this guitar new from the luthier a certain P.Norderud, as I love unusual guitars, and it was built to a high spec. He claimed that his neck were good for 100 years. When the guitar arrived the neck was damaged (most likely in transit) , it was repaired by Joe Whitev (top repairman…) after Norderud became abusive and obnoxious, and refused to help……Any way it plays and sounds lovely now.

The body is unusually deep, the rosette  unique…and the neck feels lovely now. The tone is lovely.

The top is solid spruce, back/sides solid rosewood, the condition in spite of the repair is very good..heres your chance to buy an expensive, unique, great playing guitar for less than mass produced junk.

Asking price is £650…open to trades.



This is a very interesting and very beautiful guitar built by Scottish luthier Thornton Caldwell with a strong Celtic vibe. Words can’t really explain all the deetailing on this instrument, so I’ll let the pics do that.

The top is solid spruce, the back/sides are solid Wenge….the neck…outrageous. Pobably the most unusual aspect of this guitar is that it has a THRU NECK…really, and it works…this guitar really rings.

The guitar has a couple of hairline cracks, that affect absolutely nothing at all.

Asking price £650 open for trades.



Fresh from the workshop…a sympathetic restoration of this wonderful guitar. The guitar came to me in poor shape..it had an imitation Bigsby fitted, the neck was bent, frets shot, and a cheap plastic nut.

It now plays like a Shergold should. The electronics on these guitars gives a huge range of very useable tones…each humbucker can be coil tapped (for single coil tones), and can also be switched in either series or paralell….and it is easy to use and understand ….once you’re shown 🙂

The finish is original ….the cracked finish is par for the course on Shergolds ( ‘they’re all like that sir’ ). There are  dings and marks all over the body…just like a well used/played guitar should have…not put on afterwards using the dubious practice of  ‘relic-ing’..like all the major factories now do.

So there you have it a sweet sounding, cool looking , sorted Shergold, ready for its next owner,

As usual I am open for trades for other  interesting guitars.

Asking price £399 SOLD!

Norman Wood Guitar For Saledscf92271dscf92311dscf92321dscf92341

This is an extraordinary guitar, made by the (late) legendary Cornish Luthier Norman Wood. There are so many unusual features, the most obvious being the back. This guitar has a tone all of its own somewhere between an archtop and a flat top. It has the strident tones of the trebles ..like an archtop…but a love big bass presence..like a good flat top.

Asking price (with original hard case) £700…trades for other cool guitars welcome,

McPherson JL-50M Guitar For Sale


Here is a rare bird. McPherson Snr is the man who designed tghese guitars, built in the late 70s early 80s in Japan. This design evolved in to the mega expensive McPherson guitars currently on sale from America…run by his son ..McPherson Jnr.

It has a nice tone..mellow in nature, and is in very good (but used) condition..with several marks on the body..but nothing untoward.

It is very difficult to find any definitive info about the materials used in the construction of these guitars..the top is probably solid..the back/sides are definitely laminated.

Asking Price is £555 and trades for unusual guitars is welcome.

Les Evans 6 string Custom Bass


Here is an absolutely stunning bass built by luthier Les Evans from Liverpool. The build quality is in the same league as Fodera basses. The bass is made mainly from rippled olive wood and bubinga. The pick ups are EMG’s, and the preamp is by John East.

The sound quality is hifi.

The appointments and detailing are stunning. To buy this bass from Les would cost over £3500.

Asking price £1750 ..and I am open to offers, and trades for cool instruments.

Daion 555 Headhunter For Sale

Here is a nice example of daions very rare and desirable headhunter. It is in very nice condition, but there are a few small marks here and there, nothing that detracts from its beauty. These are very hard to source,,google as much as you want..try and find one readily available and for sale.


I am asking £1200 or best offer…trades for an inyteresting instrument is also possible.

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